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If you were a 90s kid, you probably played solitaire on your computer way before PC games took the world by storm. Nowadays, it seems that solitaire is a game you play when you’re bored, and you have absolutely no other fun thing to do.

That’s where Solitaire Stories comes in.

It’s a game that basically makes the old card game fun by giving it a twist. It’s a progressive journey where each storyline comes with a unique deck design, gameplay environment, and soundtrack. 

For example, the first story in the game is about you slacking off at work. The story is simple; you need to win two solitaire games on each level as you pretend to work in the office. While very basic, the story did not fail to put a smile on my face. I felt like playing Solitaire Stories is an escape from the dreadful hellhole rat race we all long to be free from. I know that sounds exaggerated, but that’s how I really felt.

Perhaps my favorite so far from Solitaire Stories is the Maestro storyline. It’s about a lady named Sylvia who’s passionate about music despite not having any classical training. So, she practices music by Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. I particularly like this storyline because the art–like all of Solitaire Stories–is fantastic. And the music is, of course, soothing, with classical pieces playing while you try to win at Solitaire. (It also made me pick up my guitar and practice playing The Beatles’ Let It Be.)

If you’re a purist who couldn’t care less about these simple stories, you can play a classic Solitaire game if you want. There’s also a Daily Contest mode where you try to win a Solitaire game the best you can and see where you rank on the daily leaderboards. This is a great way to keep you coming back to playing the game.

Despite the exciting storylines, Solitaire Stories can, of course, still leave you bored once in a while. After all, it’s still basically just a game of Solitaire. But I don’t think you can fault the developers for that flaw. The game is still the best Solitaire game on mobile I’ve ever played.

Bottomline: Solitaire Stories is a fun game that takes a classic but sometimes bland and boring card game into a cool, interactive, and entertaining one. 

Solitaire Stories is available on Apple Arcade, a premium gaming subscription from Apple.

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