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Magic: Manastrike is a Clash Royale type of game based on Magic: The Gathering. The real-time strategy PvP game is developed by Netmarble. 

For longtime Magic players, it’s a new way to enjoy Planeswalkers, spells, and creatures they know and love in the card game. For players who don’t know a thing about the Magic: The Gathering lore or universe, it’s a good introduction. Players will see iconic Planeswalkers like Jace Beleren and Liliana Vess lead creatures to victory by destroying opponent guardians. The game also adapts the nature of Magic’s five colors White, Black, Blue, Green, and Red in its gameplay.

Watch how the game works below:

Manastrike is available for iOS and Android devices. 

Complement the game by reading Magic: The Gathering: Rise of the Gatewatch. It’s a short visual book that tells a brief history of Magic’s first team of Planeswalkers–Jace Beleren, Ajani Goldmane, Gideon Jura, Kaya, Chandra Nalaar, Nissa Revane, Liliana Vess, and Teferi–and features their most iconic cards, flavor texts, and artwork. Seven out of these eight Planeswalker are featured in Manastrike. Rise of the Gatewatch is written by Wizards of the Coast designer Jenna Helland. It is available on Amazon. 

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