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Netmarble has recently released a new update for Magic:ManaStrike, introducing players to Ixalan Season II that includes two new cards and an improved rewards system. 

The update adds two colorless cards–Livewire Lash and Gadget Swarm. The former attacks enemy air and ground units and deals additional damage based on the enemy’s max HP. The latter summons three Hedron Scouts and three Clockwork Beetles. Both summoned creatures are already in the current ManaStrike deck collection. Hedron Scouts melee attack ground units and Clockwork Beetles are air units that perform ranged attacks on enemy air and ground units.

The revamped rewards system is also now more generous for daily grind players ranked level 7 and up. Point intervals have been adjusted to allow low ranked players to earn more rewards and upgrade their decks. Ranked 9 players can get rewards by achieving certain rank points every season. 

Players who are willing to avail the Magic Pass will enjoy more rewards as well. New Magic Pass rewards include level booster vouchers, Planeswalkers skin selector, and a Planeswalker selector that will allow them to choose Garruk, Tamiyo, or Gideon for free. 

For those not in the know, Magic:Manastrike is a PvP tower rush game with Magic:The Gathering skin. The game allows players to choose a Planeswalker to lead their decks to victory. Read our short write-up about the game here.

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Magic: Manastrike is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.