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Dear Reader is a game that I felt was created for someone like me–an avid reader. And the “game of literary wordplay” did not disappoint.

While word puzzlers are very common on mobile devices, Dear Reader offers a new twist to the genre. Unlike the usual rearranging of letters to form words or connecting given words to another, Dear Reader lets you complete chapters of classic literature. Granted the books are very abridged (think Wikipedia), the game manages to hook you into playing through to see what will happen next. As for me, I saw myself wanting to reread some of the books I finished on Dear Reader and start reading the ones (or watching their adaptations) I haven’t actually read before.

The game also has tons of game modes that range from easy to a bit challenging, such as correcting misspellings, filling the blanks, and rearranging phrases. I was surprised by the game’s variety, with 27 WordPlay options to unlock and a couple of research challenges to complete daily. So far, after more than 12 hours of playing, I have only unlocked 11 options. 

What I also appreciated is that the game can be enjoyed by people who aren’t really readers. And it might even be an excellent way to make them one. Its Notes from the Editor feature gives additional explanation and even highlights key sentences in the chapter you just finished. In my opinion, it helps provide depth to the book you are currently playing. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that all these are presented nicely. The graphics are simple and good on the eyes. It’s clean, modern, and very relaxing.

There are different difficulty options in the game: Relaxed, Page-Turner, and Speed Reader. Personally, I prefer Relaxed as I played Dear Reader to wind down. Unlike Page Turner and Speed Reader, Relaxed doesn’t have a time limit for you to complete a page. However, you’ll earn fewer ink points compared to playing Page-Turner (15 seconds per page) and Speed Reader (10 seconds per page).

Ink points can be used to buy books. And this is what really impressed me. Dear Reader has tons of books in their catalog, and as far as I know, they keep adding more books to it so you’ll never run out of material. 

You’ve probably noticed that all I have is nothing but good things to say for Dear Reader. And that’s because it’s a game I thoroughly enjoyed and will probably enjoy in the months to come. Honestly, this alone has me convinced to renew my Apple Arcade subscription. 

Bottom line: With all its fantastic features and simple gameplay, Dear Reader is an entertaining and relaxing game for avid readers or anyone looking for a relaxing game during their downtime. 

Dear Reader is available on Apple Arcade, a premium gaming subscription from Apple.

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